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Crabs Adjust Humidity: The Crudest Card Game Ever?

by Mike Smilanich January 09, 2016

Crabs Adjust Humidity Card Game
(Crabs Adjust Humidity - Volume 1)
 Crabs Adjust Humidity is easily one of the crudest card games to ever come out.  They call this game as a "Crappy little third-party unofficial expansion" that's 100% not associated with the wildly popular (and extremely vulgar) Cards Against Humanity.  It creates for a bunch of hilarious, cringey, and jaw dropping moments that will be remembered forever.
Who Should Play:
Crabs Adjust Humidity is a new card game that takes vulgarity and crudeness to a whole new level.  We like to consider CAH to be the twisted uncle of Apples to Apples that no longer gets invited to family parties. You'll only want pull this game out when you're playing with the right group of friends/family or else you'll inevitably be faced with a lot of awkward moments.  It's best to play with a group of people who enjoys dark humor from time to time.
Why We Love it:
For the past few years, Cards Against Humanity has been the king of "adult" board/card games. Unfortunately, the only place to buy it is online (which is often out of stock). Crabs Adjust Humidity is a great option for someone who wants to buy locally.  We're located on the corner of Main St. and Transit Rd. in Williamsville, New York.  We currently have all Crabs Adjust Humidity expansion packs as well as their new Omniclaw Edition:
OMNI Claw Crabs Adjust Humidity

Mike Smilanich
Mike Smilanich


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