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LCR Wild - A New Twist on the Classic Dice Game

by Mike Smilanich February 11, 2016

LCR Wild Dice Game
Left Center Right Dice Game has become one of the most popular travel sized games over the past two decades.  The game is fast paced and based off of pure luck which will have everyone on the edge of their seats from start to finish. In a matter of seconds any player can go from last place all the way to the front runner.  Now, there's a new version that's sure to get even more out of hand - LCR Wild.
Here's what LCR Wild is all about:
LCR wild is very similar to the original... but with one small twist.  Each die is contains the letter "W" which as you can probably guess, stands for "Wild".  Here's what happens when you roll Wild(s):
  • If you roll one "Wild": you're allowed to take away one chip from anyone at the table.  
  • If you roll two "Wilds": you're allowed to take two chips away from one opponent or one chip away from two separate opponents.  
  • If you roll three "Wilds": It's very rare, but you get to take all the chips from the center and the game resumes.


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Stop by George and Company, located on the corner of Main St. and Transit Rd. in Williamsville to pick up LCR Wild today!

Mike Smilanich
Mike Smilanich


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August 10, 2020

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating LRC. My family plays this game at every gathering. Now we have LRC wild. The game is on whole other level. Thank you

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