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Stock up on Fun and Safe Fireworks for the 4th!

by Mike Smilanich July 02, 2015


George & Co. located on the corner of Main & Transit in Williamsville, NY has the biggest selection of legal fireworks for the 4th!

Celebrating the 4th of July with the family isn't complete without lighting up a few smokeballs or spelling out your name in the air with a sparkler.  We've been selling all types of tricks in WNY that's fun and safe for the whole family.  Take a look at some of the tricks you'll find:

Black Snakes:

Light one of the ends of this small trick and watch as black ash magically starts to rise up like a cobra snake!


A.K.A. Snaps, these pebble-like tricks are thrown on the ground to create a loud BANG noise.  Youngsters love these.

Smoke Balls:

A.K.A. Smoke Bombs.  Light the wick and watch colored smoke spray out and fill the surrounding areas with smoke.  



We have two types of Sparklers for sale: regular ones and 18" ones.  They're now made from bamboo wicks vs. metal wicks.


The best part of all, we sell these tricks all year long!  Be sure to stop by George & Company to stock up on these fun fireworks for the 4th!

Call us with any questions at 716-633-0711

Mike Smilanich
Mike Smilanich


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