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Twisty Mask from American Horror Story Has Arrived...and it's Awesome!

by Mike Smilanich October 22, 2015

Twisty American Horror Story Fx Tv Show Clown
(Twisty from AHS)

Scariest of them All?

If scary clowns are your thing, then you're definitely aware of Twisty, the demented clown from FX's hit TV show: American Horror Story.  Recently, one of our favorite Mask manufacturers (Trick or Treat Studios) gained exclusive licensing to American Horror Story characters.....and let's just say they did a fantastic job at recreating Twisty.

Twisty the Clown Mask American Horror Story AHS FX Clown Masks

Right off the bat, the Twisty Mask is extremely detailed and authentic looking.  We love the texture and how realistic his skin and cuts look.  As far as the fit goes, this mask is extremely comfortable and can easily be worn for hours at a time without feeling claustrophobic.

You can find Twisty's Mask along with other A.H.S. fan favorites: Pepper and Bloody sold at George & Co.  For current availability, pricing, or shipping information, give us a call at 716-633-0711.

Mike Smilanich
Mike Smilanich


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