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Hog Wild Poppers are Here!

by Mike Smilanich December 04, 2015

HogWild Popper Toy Sock Monkey
(Sock Monkey Popper - One of the Many Poppers from Hog Wild)
Things are poppin' at George & Co now that we started carrying the widely pop-ular Poppers from Hog Wild toys.  Okay, enough with the puns: Here's what makes these new toys extra awesome:

Endless Fun:

Simply put one of the foam balls inside the mouth of the popper and squeeze the midsection to shoot the foam ball up to 20 feet away!  The balls are super lightweight so it won't cause any harm - making the toy safe for a wide range of ages.  Each pack comes complete with a shooter and 5 foam balls.

Collect 'Em All:

There are many different poppers to choose from!  We carry a wide selection of them and have unicorns, bigfoot, chickens, cows, sea monsters, sock monkeys, dinosaurs, and donkeys - just to name a few. There's something for every kid.
Bigfoot popper hogwild buffalo
(The Elusive Bigfoot)

Target Practice:

Pair up your Popper with a Hog Wild Target to add an extra element of fun to your new toy!  The sticky target catches the foam balls with ease and is also easy to clean and maintain.  Here's a video of Nick putting the Power Popper to good use:

Stop by our store on the corner of Main and Transit in Williamsville, NY to play around with these toys.  For questions about availability or shipping: give us a ring at 716-633-0711.

Mike Smilanich
Mike Smilanich


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