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Noggin Workshop - Brain Bending Conundrums

NOGGIN WORKSHOP™ Brain Bending Conundrums is a challenging mind teaser card game for even the fittest of brains.  If exercise is the key to staying fit, then NOGGIN WORKSHOP™ card games are the workout your brain needs!  Don’t forget to stretch, because you’ll need all your mental dexterity to solve these puzzles, wrapped in riddles, inside mysteries...

NOGGIN WORKSHOP™ is Outset Media’s brand of card games dedicated to making your brain broil and bubble!  These mind teaser card brain games challenge you with logic puzzles, word puzzles, geometry riddles to sequence puzzles! The card brain games promote logic, lateral thinking, visualization and other mental exercises that your brain may not use on a regular basis. Limber up, it’s thinking time!

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