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Fake Poop: World's Best Fake Human Turd

We're considered major players in the fake poop business over the past few decades and we can confidently say this is the best fake poop money can buy right now.  Out of respect to this turd's quality, we give this log the white glove treatment that it deserves.

It excels in all the aspects of a quality top-of-the-line fake turd.  It measures in at about 6" long and has a tapered end that is just absolutely stunning.  The color tone and slight sheen gives it a very fresh looking appearance.  Upon closer look, you'll notice this turd pays very close attention to detail with its chunks of corn and strands of hair coming out from the sides.  It's the little touches like this that takes this poop's realism to the next level.  

Each turd is specially handcrafted in the United States and may appear slightly different from what is in the pictures. 

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