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Stinky Spray Prank: Liquid Ass -TexAss - Barfume

Putrid, vial, repulsive, and foul are the best words to describe the three different scented sprays from Liquid Assets.  A single spray from its convieniently sized bottle is strong enough to have a room full of people b-line towards the nearest exist.  It's extremely concentrated and packs a punch as soon as someone takes an unsuspecting whiff.  It's not unusual for these sprays to set off your gag reflex and make you teary eyed! 

We had our staff smell-test each different scent.  Here's their feedback:

Liquid Ass: This is the original scent from Liquid ASSets Novelties and the most popular version.  It reminds us of the classic "Stink Bomb" sulfur or rotten egg smell.  Liquid Ass is a full bodied poop smell. Imagine a baby fart that's been amplified 20x......that's Liquid Ass for ya.

Barfume:  Hats off to Liquid ASSets Novelties for capturing the true essence of puke in liquid spray form.  Right off the bat, you're going to get a vomit smell with some nice stinky cheese undertones.  Nobody likes the smell of freshly tossed cookies, so this spray can do some damage.

Texass:  Imagine throwing a bunch of dog poop over hot charcoal.  That's the smell TexAss is going after.  Gross?  Yeah. It's a BBQ smell gone sour.  There's definitely something a little devilish going on with this scent.


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