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Take A Chance

    2+ Players
    Ages 8+

    Can you turn $10,000 into $100,000 in thirty minutes?  "Get Rich Quick" by buying the right cards, rolling the dice, and knowing when to "Take a Chance."

    The cards each picture dice rolls that pay off big time.  The catch is, you need to own cards of several colors to be able to roll a lot of dice.  Big money is won on the most expensive cards where many dice are needed to score.  You can still hit the jackpot with the cheaper cards by owning several.  Need some luck?  "Take a Chance" tickets may give you the big break you're looking for

    Take a chance will have you buying, rolling, and making money in no time.  And when you're done getting rich, slip the money, cards, tickets, and dice into the eye-catching moneybag provided.

    For fun on the run, take this wherever you go and watch heads turn.

    Are you ready to Take a Chance?


    • Moneybag
    • 36 Dice-Roll Cards
    • 36 Take A Chance Tickets
    • 10 Dice
    • Pad of Money
    • Illustrated Rules

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