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Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit

One of Criss Angel’s NEWEST, most comprehensive and unprecedented magic kit out there today, the Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit!

Perfect for all skill levels with over 400 magic tricks (over a $450 value!). With video downloads taught by Criss himself, you will be performing from this award winning magic kit in no time.

Plus, each kit comes with an exclusive membership to Criss Angel’s Secret Society, which includes over 200 Bonus Tricks including more MINDFREAKS taught by Criss, expert advice from Criss and The SUPERNATURALISTS, and much, much more.

Get the best, and learn from the greatest magician in history!

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit includes:
– 2 Techno Appearing Lights
– Large Mind Reading Blackboard w/ Marker
– Large Cups & Balls
– Criss’ Secret Floating Device
– Capture (as seen on Criss’ TV Series)
– Large Levitating Vase
– 6 Mental-Freak Cards
– Coin Case Transformation
– Criss Angel Magic Card Case
– MINDFREAK Secret Deck 1
– Prediction Tubes
– 2 Secret Utility Devices
– Large Ball & Vase
– 4 Large Sponge Balls
– 8 Spikes Through Coin
– Red Silk
– Official Instruction Book
– Membership to Criss’ Secret Society

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