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Before & After 5 Coffee & Wine Glass

Helping you stretch brunch into a 3-day weekend

What’s better than an endless brunch? Easy: Bottomless Mimosa. Our crack team of engineers came up with a hysterical way to sip “just one mimosa” and keep the good times flowing. The glass itself is actually shaped like a champagne bottle, and holds over 940 mL—enough for over 8 standard serving-size mimosas. It’s made of real glass, and is a hilariously-functional gag gift for anyone who needs to extend their mornings a little significant while longer.

  •  shaped like a champagne bottle
  •  holds over 8 standard-size mimosas
  •  made of high quality glass
  •  a great gift for your fanciest of friends (or yourself)
  •  easy to clean

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