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Chroma Cube

Beautifully designed, vibrant, and simple - But don't let its looks fool you...

Each of the challenges starts with a prompt showing where to place a few of the color cubes onto the wooden puzzle board. Then, you're presented with a list of clues.

"Coral and Magenta are in the same column" ... "Black sits next to Magenta" ... "Either Teal or Black sits next to Cobalt" ... "Coral sits next to white" ...

Do you have the cognitive skills to follow the clues and figure out which colors go where?

Complete with 25 challenges, each more difficult than the last, plus solutions in case you get stumped, Chroma Cube is a beautiful puzzle that's sure to challenge your mind beautifully.

Chroma Cube

  • Beautifully designed logic puzzle
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, critical thinking
  • A simply beautiful brainteaser that is anything but simple
  • Set up color cubes according to each challenge
  • Follow clues to figure out where to place the remaining cubes
  • Challenges are each more difficult than the last
  • Solutions found on the back of each card in case you're stumped
  • Includes wooden game board, 12 colorful cubes, 25 puzzle cards
  • Instructions included
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability - Looks great on a coffee table!

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