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dinking Pickleball Coffee Mug

This adorable dinking mug holds up to 22 ounces of your favorite beverage. Used for keeping beverages hot or cold, you can not go wrong with this super fun mug as a staple in your kitchen cabinet! The dink mug is perfect for the home or office. It also acts as a great gift for anyone who needs an extra boost in the morning! Whether you are looking for a funny gift for the pickleball lover in your life or the perfect addition to your at-home cup collection, this mug will definitely be put to good use and bring smiles and laughter to all of those around. The sporty mug features a textured pickleball design and a mini paddle as the handle, and for an added humorous touch, the paddle reads "I'd rather be dinking". It is made from durable ceramic, so it can be used for years to come. The convenient handle on the side makes it easy to hold, and easy to enjoy at any time. POV: You wake up bright and early on a Monday morning and come to the realization that you have a full day full of work and personal errands. You roll out of bed, grab your sporty mug, and brew a nice cup of coffee to get you motivated and ready to start the day. You sip and indulge in your warm coffee while you get ready, not needing to pour another cup because of the size of the mug and its ability to keep your morning brew piping hot. You head out the door feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, now you are ready to tackle the world and take on whatever comes your way! We hope you love using our dinking mug as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you, and that it becomes a staple piece in your morning or night routine! Perfect for brewing warm cups of your favorite coffee, tea, hot coco, or any other warm beverage, this is the mug for you. Cheers! #Cuzitsfunny

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