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Magic Set Deluxe #2

<b> Linking Rings<\b>(rings magically link and unlink),<\b>Tapered Cards<\b>(the magician magically brings the spectator,s card to the top of the deck),<b>Thumb Tip<\b>(magically produce,then vanish a silk handkerchief from your bare hands),<b>Crystal Coun Case<\b>(a coin is trapped in a case and then the case is wrapped in a hanky-yet the coin still vanishes),<b>Multiplying Balls<\b>(balls multiple and vanish at your fingertips),<b>Miracle Dice<\b>(five dice randomly placed in a box are shaken and they change their order to all the same number and more),<b>(Color Changing Silk<\b>(a silk changes color before your spectator,s eyes),<b>Sponge Ball To Cube<\b>(sponge balls multiply,vanish,appear and change shape). Includes instructions. Ages 8+

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