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Murder Mystery Party — A Slice of Murder

Solve a Murder in an Evening With Friends

Painton Place is an 18th-century house, built by Sir John Painton, the first baronet, in Rutting-on-the-Rise, a beautiful if isolated corner of Norfolk, England. It’s just the place to spend a couple of days on a cooking holiday – a Weekend Mini-Bake, as it’s advertised. But the rural tranquility is shattered when celebrity chef Francis “Franny” Craddock is found dead, late Saturday night. Particularly when it turns out he’s been murdered. Suspicion falls on the guests, but who would have wanted to kill him? And what does this have to do with the legendary Painton Plunder, supposedly brought back from India by the eccentric fourth baronet, Sir Richard Painton? Everyone is a suspect when murder’s on the menu. Here’s everything you need to serve up mystery, murder, and fun – party planner, invitations, recipes – plus a tasty murder to solve. Just invite five to seven friends to join you for dress-up and to play the role of devious suspects. Serve up a meal or light snack, and you’re ready for drop-dead fun!


  • Party Planner with game rules, recipes, music, and decorating tips
  • Character Booklets including roles, background information, and a few tasty secrets
  • Name Tags for each character
  • Party Invitations and Envelopes for each character
  • Six Secret Clues
  • Access to Audio with an introduction, summary of events, clues, and solution to the crime

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