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My First Science Kit


Remember Mr. Wizard, the friendly old guy who taught kids about science on TV? He started his career as the man who made science fun in the 1950s, but we remember him from Nickelodeon, calmly walking kids through nifty experiments that always had a "wow" factor that made them endlessly watchable.


The Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit from Poof-Slinky puts you in his wizard's robe, guiding your child through a series of fun and safe experiments designed to get kids excited about science. With your help, your child can make magic ooze, grow and shrink colorful crystals, capture a rainbow in a test tube, and more - a cool intro to science experiments that will have them begging to learn more!


The Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit is based on the nationally recognized Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) program, designed to spark kids' interest in science. It comes with cross-linked polyacramide, 3 color tables, 3 mixing cups, 3 test tubes with caps, a pipette, a color mixing tray, a magnifier, a test tube stand, and an 11-page activity guide, and is suggested for ages 4 and up.

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