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  • Ages 5-8
  • 2-4 Players

Ahoy Mates!  Here be a game fer all ye who dream of sailin' the High Seas with a band o' Pirates!

Start the game by gettin' yer Pirate Loot from the Hornswaggler.  Collect Pirate friends as ye make yer way around the board.  When another player lands on one of yer Pirates, stick yer hand out and bellow "ARRRGH!" and collect the amount of Pirate Loot you're owed.

So choose yer Parrot, collect yer Skulls and Crossbones, and advance to AHOY!  Are ya a Pirate or a Lily Livered Landlubber?  Are ya comin' aboard?

This is a property tradin' game fer the younger lads and lassies, ages 5-8.

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