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  • Age 6-99
  • 20 Minutes
  • 1-6 Players
  • Rules Complexity Rating 1.69 / 5

SET is a binge-worthy game of Triple Matching Mania.  Anybody can play, but nobody can stop! 

Race to be the first player to see a SET - shout "SET" and take your three cards.  You are now one point ahead!  The dealer lays down three more cards and the search starts again.

You can play it solo or with as many people as you want - it's perfect for travel and parties.  SET is a healthy addiction, boost your brain as you play!

How To Play:

A SET consist of three cards where each individual feature is either all the same OR all different on all three cards.  The four features are; color, shape, number, shading.


  • 81 Cards
  • Game Instructions (English, French, Spanish)

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