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Tavern Puzzle-Tridiculous

Object: Remove triangle
Category: Basic

The third in the classic horseshoe puzzle series.  Joining Old Shackles and Captive Heart, Tridiculous! adds a new twist with a triangle for the object piece.  A great beginner puzzle, and something unexpected for experienced puzzle solvers.


Here's what some of our ''puzzle testers'' had to say:

''Very simple solution based on the older designs. Would be a good choice to give as a gift.''
''Simple shapes makes for a ''I can do this'' attitude from beginner puzzlers. Fun to watch the confusion creep in!''

''It's a good design. I am experienced with your puzzles and have figured out the solutions to many of the harder ones without help, but I had to see how Old Shackles was solved before I could figure this one out.''

''Not quite as easy as thought at first. Liked the little twist of the triangle to solve.'' (2017)

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